About Us

Since its beginnings in 2007 New Age Design has always been about customer service and innovative design solutions.

"We feel that our advantage is the ability to turn basic ideas into great design concepts very quickly. Also having a great face to face relationship with our clients is what we have become known for over the years"

"Ever since studying building design at the Canberra Institute of Technology I have had a fascination with Canberra residential architecture. My passion has been designing and drafting homes in Canberra and many surrounding towns in NSW"

"I have always taken a personal approach to designing because we are creating environments for people to live in and enjoy everyday"

Danny Young


Advanced Diploma Building Design
Green Smart Professional.

"I studied Building Design at CIT after completing my Environmental Science degree at the ANU. The two fields complement each other well; a thoughtfully designed home can be energy efficient and comfortable."

"One of the things I love about my job is helping people to create a home that is a pleasure to live in."

Emma Young

Technical Consultant

Adv. Dip. Building Design B.Sc. Resource and Environmental Management